Runescape Auto Typer

There are a lot of Runescape Auto Typers out there but most of them are poorly made, have no anti-ban features and only work on Microsoft Windows.

Why should I use this particular Auto-Typer?
Because unlike other autotypers/auto talkers, this autotyper has unique anti-ban features that makes your messages look more natural such as by making typos, waiting a random interval between typing each letter and taking random breaks once in a while. Also, this program works on all platforms - even Mac and Linux!

Auto Typer System Requirements
This AutoTyper was written in Java, thus your only requirement is Java which you probably already have it installed as it was one of the requirements for Runescape. It works on all platforms - Windows, Macintosh, Linux etc.
That is it. The entire program consists of one file and there is no installation or anything, just download and run.

Runescape Auto Typer

Is using Auto-Typer against the rules?
According to the Rules of Runescape, specifically the section on third party software
3. Software that generates input to our game applets. This includes software that automatically moves the mouse pointer or generates mouse clicks or key presses.
This Auto Typer does break that rule but even though it's against the rules, chances of Jagex catching you are very slim. As long as you're not standing in the same spot for hours typing the same message, you will be fine. It's almost impossible for Jagex to detect that you're using this Auto Typer, so the only way you could get under Jagex's radar is if multiple people report you for botting.

Is this a virus?
Yes it is! You will be hacked, your bank will be cleaned and your computer will not boot the next time.

Download Runescape Auto Typer

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