How to Play Runescape at School

Most schools and other public places block access to which makes it impossible to play runescape. The purpose of this website is to provide ways on how to bypass those restrictions and access blocked content such as Runescape.

Play Runescape through

Instead of loading Runescape through a traditional domain, make it go through It should work because is their corporate site and the web-filters shouldn't catch that as a 'gaming' site. Follow the link below to play RuneScape.

Play Runescape via Opera Browser using Turbo

Some web censorship software works only on Internet Explorer or whatever the default browser is installed on your system, so to bypass that, you need to use a different browser.
If your organization allows it, try downloading Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to your computer and try accessing Runescape from there.
A better solution to all this is downloading Opera Browser which has a Turbo feature that automatically loads websites through a proxy.

Download Opera Portable Browser

You can also use the same method to access other blocked sites and not just Runescape.

Play Runescape using an official Runescape Windows Client

I'm not sure if many people have noticed this, but some time ago Jagex replaced their old Runescape client with some sort of loader that loads Runescape java applet directly instead of relying on Internet Explorer based browser-component. Using the Runescape Client provided below you might be able to bypass those censorships and play Runescape.

Download Runescape Windows Loader

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