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This Runescape Client is an extension to the official Runescape loader that is provided by Jagex. Altough this tool is not official, it accomplishes the same thing - runs Runescape directly without any browser controls thus using less memory.

What is the point of this? is blocked in many places so instead of loading Runescape through a web-browser, this Runescape Client loads Runescape applet directly to a window hopefully bypassing web-censorships.

There aren't any! The Runescape Client/loader was coded purely in Java and and Java runs everywhere. I assume 100% of our visitors have Java installed since without it you couldn't play Runescape.

Can I be banned using this?
Technically, yes but keep reading.

1) The software must not contain or acquire direct links to the game applet.
2) It must not hide or encourage the hiding of any of the adverts on our website.

1) Yes, our loader does go directly to the game applet. That is the whole point of this client. Can Jagex detect this kind of access - not really.
Our client does try to act as if the user has used a browser to access Runescape, so you're mostly good for that.
The entire rule is probably just a suggestion to Runescape developers as to how their Runescape clients should not be made.

2) Yes, our Runescape loader only loads the Runescape game portion of the window. Everything else such as ads will not be loaded.
That rule is not such a big deal because many people have AdBlock installed in their browsers anyways.

All in all, altough this client does ignore a few minor rules, you should be safe.

Current version: 1.0 1.1
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